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Feb 2008 :: Twenty wasted years – Joint custody is not new or untested, two decades ago it was common in England, updated 2nd edition of the paper presented at the Family Law Society Seminar held at Portcullis House, London on February 4th 2008 with a brief examination of the history of English custody law during the past twenty years.

Oct 2007 :: “Self-harm’ is good for you !”, a brief examination (mainly for parents) of managing the ‘inner trauma’ of para-suicides among young people, comparing the traditional interventionist (guilt driven) approach with possible gains from a newer, more relaxed, psychiatric perspective that adopts a more enlightened view of such coping strategies.

Sept 2007 :: DNA Doppelganger Dilemma, a revised and updated 2nd edition of the 2004 paper itemising where speculation about DNA unreliability had, by 2006, become fact.

July 2006 :: Pandora or Prometheus ? This is a copy of a paper sent to selected Members of Parliament following the Law Commission’o review of the submissions it had received to its proposal. Chapter 1 of the fully detailed paper submitted to the Law Commission can be viewed at Cohabitation in the UK – A Legal and Political Jihad Against Males“. (The other chapters of the submitted paper will be published within the near future).

July 2006 :: “Cohabitation: a State-Sponsored Slither into Slothfulness” a review of the impact of formalising compensation for Cohabitation women as outlined in the Law Commission’o “Cohabitation: the Financial Consequences of Relationship Breakdown”‘, Consultation Paper No 179. The argument for a legal and political Jihad; a short history of Marriage; the return of chaotic times via Irregular Marriages & Common Law Wives and Gresham’o Law.

April 2006 :: “Rape in a Vacuum”, a response to “Convicting Rapists and Protecting Victims – Justice for Victims of Rape” noting the role of lobby group activity and detailing the steps and 1997 pre-election promises made to lobby groups to recast rape laws and erode ‘due process’.

Dec 2005 :: “Pension Proliferation and Propaganda”, a brief examination into the claim of an impending pensions crisis (the report by Adair Turner). The collapse in the purchasing power of the state pension since 1960; a review of Gov’t policy and suggested alternative solutions; the need for a properly funded pensions ‘lifeboat’, as in the US. It questions conventional assumptions, inc. future child demographic downturn and the impact of marital choices; and proposes why pensioners do not pose a future liability on the working population by 2030 ?

Aug 2004 :: Rape : the DNA Doppelganger Dilemma, a speculative study of the various problem within the DNA testing regime – false positives, duplicates, copy-cats, inaccuracies, diverse standards.

July 2004 :: “Failing Fathers”, a response to ‘Parental Separation; Children needs and parental separation. Tracing how Gov’t assurances not only fail to hit their target but lead to a surreal twilight world where as Rabbi Daniel Lapin says people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty.”

Nov 2003 :: “Pregnancy and Domestic Violence”, statistical submission in reply to “Safety and Justice” Green Paper pointing out errors and assumptions

Sept 2003 :: “Intimidating Justice”, response to ‘Safety and Justice’ consultation paper. Asking why men, as a victim group are mentioned only once in the 70 pages and why help for male victims is non-existent or rationed.

Mar 2003 :: “CAFCASS” submission to Parliamentary Sub Committee Inquiry into the failings of CAFCASS

Nov 2002 :: “Challenging Conventions – an Introduction to Male Victims of Domestic Violence – the unseen side of domestic violence”

July 2002 :: “Sacrificial Lambs – Britain’s post-war Holocaust”, submission to Lord Chancellor’s Dept in response to Promoting Inter-Agency Working in the Family Justice System, a Consultation Paper

Dec 2001 :: “To Kill A Mockingbird – Sentencing Guidelines on Rape”, worldwide policy review for the Rape Sentencing Panel, Lord Chancellor’s Dept (LCD)

Sept 2001 :: “From Hero to Zero”, a commentary on GLA proposals for a London Domestic Violence Strategy

June 2001 :: “Contact – a collective calumny”, assessment paper of ‘Making Contact Work’ issued by C.A.S.C. Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Board on Family Law.

Nov 2000 :: “Non-Resident Fathers in Britain”, a summary of Uni. of York findings

Oct 2000 :: “From Serf to Servitude” – response to the Law Society’s consultation exercise on the Family Law Protocol (for DV) and its impact on fathers

May 2000 :: “Rape Reform – When Justice Collides with Science”, minority report to External Reference Group SORT (Sexual Offences Review Team), Home Office and future implications

June 1999 :: “Farewell to Fathers”, Consultation Document Advisory Board on Family Law, Children Act Sub-Committee, L.C.D. of paternal marginalisation

Nov 1998 :: “The CSA – a burden on the state” an appraisal for the Home Office and Dept of Social Security of unpublicised negative effects

June 1998 :: “Funding Fluid Families” report on alternative family lifestyles and economic impact following “Supporting Families” (HMSO).

April 1998 :: “A Suitable Case for Treatment”, a Quinquennial Review of the work and impact of the EOC

Feb 1997 :: “Privatising Divorce” – the Family Law Act 1996. An assessment on behalf of the OCU of the impracticalities involved.

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